Hi!  My name is Jamie and I am but a humble housewife… as such, my sweet husband is always suggesting creative new ways for me to “find myself” or help me “figure out what I’m going to be when I grow up”.  The most recent in his never-ending list of suggestions is for me to write a blog.  I have never written, or even read a blog before, so bear with me, cause this may be a bumpy road as I explore uncharted territory!  In this blog  I hope to inspire Do-It-Yourself-ers to take a chance!  You never know what you’re capable of until you try.  We’ll do some renovating, decorating, organizing, and bargain hunting!  A new look doesn’t have to be expensive.  I’ll show you some tricks to achieve a luxurious look on a humble housewife’s budget.  Hopefully you will find something on here that interests you…  If not, shoot me a message about a project you’re interested in, and I will do my best to tackle it for you!  Thanks for visiting my HumbleHome.net! Please don’t be a stranger now, ya hear!