Help us name our new girls!

Humble Home will be welcoming 6 new hens (and maybe 1 rooster) on June 1st! Here is a list of some names we like. Help us decide! Please comment with a couple of your favorites, and feel free to add some of your own ideas if you like! (My theme is old lady names, if you can’t already tell. 😜) We will choose the final names when we pick up the girls on the 1st! Stay Tuned!

Ideas for our girls:

* Eloise

* Bessie

* Blanche

* Clementine

* Estelle

* Fannie

* Florence

* Greta

* Harriet

* Nettie

* Olive

* Penelope

* Ruby

* Velma

Ideas for our boy:

* Sherwood

* Truman

* Quincy

* Norman

* Miles

* Cornelius


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