Get Creative With Your Fireplace!

Do you have a traditional wood burning fireplace in your home?  During the winter it is a beautiful focal point, stacked full of wood, or with a beautiful crackling fire burning; but in the spring and summer, it just kinda sits there looking lonely and useless.  You can turn that useless space into a year round focal point!  I will show you what I have done in our home, and also give you a few examples of other ideas.  You can keep your fireplace looking beautiful all year long!

Here is my fireplace during the winter…

Fireplace After - Edited

It’s decorated all cozy with a basket of warm blankets and all the wood and tools for building a nice warm fire.  But during the spring and summer, I feel like this cozy theme just seems out of place.  So this pring I decided to try something different.  Here is my fireplace now…


I have to put a new coat of white paint on the hearth every spring to keep it nice and bright because it gets a ton of use!  We burn a fire all winter long.  To me, there is nothing more cozy and beautiful than a natural wood fire, crackling and popping.  I store all my winter supplies away until fall, vacuum out the fire place really well, and fill it with my fresh spring decor!  Here are a few closer pictures so that you can really see what we have in there…


I moved a couple of the pillows from the formal living room, and the blanket from Stephen’s recliner onto the hearth.  That tray usually sits on the ottoman, but we move that thing around all the time, so it works out great.

Inside the fireplace I have a few artificial plants that I found at homegoods for a steal!  They ranged from about $12 to about $16, which is practically free compared to the price of most other artificial plants these days!   Normally I am against fake plants, but in this case I had to compromise since the inside of of my fireplace won’t get much natural light.  Mom and I found that cool old white bowl for $2 at The Salvation Army, and Stephen and I found the assortment of orbs at Hobby Lobby.  They ranged from about $1 to about $3.  They were 50% off as usual.  Hobby Lobby almost always has their merchandise marked down to 50%.  The mirror, which I found to be the most important part because you have to find away to bring light into that dark space, is an antique that I have been hauling around with me from place to place for years.  I honestly can’t remember where it originally came from.  I do know that it used to be gold, and I painted it white somewhere along the way.


To achieve the look, be sure to find plants in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  And try to do the same with the orbs, or whatever you chose to use.  I think pine cones or succulents would also look really pretty in there!  Just use your imagination to come up with something unique and creative!

Here are a few other ideas (not from my home) just to give you some variety and inspiration…

CANDLES – always a great idea

candles in fireplace 2


glass lanterns in fireplace


baskets inside

A MIRROR & PLANTS – This idea is similar to mine

mirror inside

DRIED FLOWERS – These happen to be Hydrangeas, but you could use anything you inside

LUGGAGE – I love this idea!

luggage inside

I hope this has inspired you to get creative, not just with your fireplace, but also with other spaces in your home.  Just because it is designed for one thing doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other ways!  Everything can be beautiful!  Sometimes you just have to think outside the box!

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