“Lake Life” Pallet Sign


Hi, Humble Home Friends!!  Sorry I’ve been away for so long!  So here’s my problem… Since the last time I’ve posted, I have started at least 8 or 9 projects!  I have taken pix and started blogging… but haven’t finished ANY of these projects yet!  My husband wants to strangle me, and I can’t blame him!  I finally got around to starting AND finishing a project today, so here it is!  I hope y’all like it!

So I started this project with a little baby pallet that I made out of some old packaging from something I bought a while back.  You can either build yourself a little pallet if you’re into that type of thing, or you can buy one pre-made at Walmart or Michael’s or any number of other craft stores.  They have them everywhere these days!  I started by painting mine with a base coat of grey.  (The writing you see on the pallet is from another project I started and never finished like, over a year ago!  Lol!  I just painted over it!)


I started mixing in a variety of different colors in no particular order.  I only use a very small amount of paint on my brush so that I will get this weathered look.  I used white, blues and greys because I am making this for my friend’s lake house, and these are her colors.


Just keep adding and layering your colors until you get the look you’re going for.  The trick is to use just a tiny bit of paint on your brush, and brush until the wood is almost dry.  Just keep adding layers.


Once you get your colors just the way you like, give it a few minutes to dry, then draw your boat.  I start by sketching things out with a pencil, so I can erase if I don’t like it.  Since this is such a simple graphic, I chose to freehand it.  I felt like it was way easier to just draw a boat, then to go through the hassle of pulling out all my materials to make and use a stencil.  If drawing is not your thing, I’m sure there are plenty of places where you can find a stencil of a boat; or if you have a vinyl cutter, you can make yourself one.


Once I have my boat sketched out the way I like it, I use an artists brush to paint it on the pallet…


Then I just keep painting until I have filled it all in!


For the letters, I like to use a sharpie paint pen.  These little guys are awesome!  It is so much easier to use them than it is to use paint and a small paintbrush! Again, I like to write my words out in pencil, just to get an idea of spacing and placement and all that before I just go crazy with my markers!


So… there you have it!  All finished!

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