Our labels are FINALLY done!


Oh Man!  This has been such a long time coming!  How long ago did I write that blog post asking for your opinion on what we should call our eggs?  I feel like it was a year ago!  Since then we have changed our minds about a million times.. Chap Happy Eggs… Chap Happy Chicks… Chap’s Dirty Dozen…  Finally we decided to stay true to our branding and go with “Humble Home-Grown”.  Can’t go wrong with keeping it simple!

So today I had to figure out how to use Adobe Illustrator.  That was a nightmare!  That program is waaaaaaay over my head! But, after a whole lot of YouTubing, and some help from my fuzzy little assistants, Hazel and Ruth…


I learned enough to make these cute little labels!



Ta-Dah!  I only made them for half-dozen sized cartons because its more fun to give them away like that.  I don’t sell them.  I just share with friends and neighbors.  If you happen to be local, hit me up, and come grab some farm fresh, free range, organic eggs from my spoiled rotten happy chickies!!

As always, thanks so much for reading our blog!  We really appreciate you! Don’t forget that you can also find us on Facebook @HumbleHomeDesign, on Instagram @humble.home and on Pinterest as HumbleHome. Check out our Etsy shop called HumbleHomeDesign!


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