Personalized Christmas Ornaments!

This DIY project couldn’t possible be any easier!  You’re gonna love it!  These little personalized ornaments will make such sweet gifts for your friends and family!  The only things you will need to buy are Mod Podge and these little wooden circles…



You can find both of those things at Walmart and Michael’s for next to nothing!  The rest of the supplies are things you should already have access to.

Let’s start by looking through your phone or computer (or wherever you keep your photo library) for a photo, or a few photos that are special to you.  Choose pictures that will look good cropped to about 3″ by 3″ square.  I used 3.25″ wooden circles and when I printed the pictures out in a 3″ by 3″ square, they fit perfectly.

Once you’ve chosen your pictures, just print them out with your regular printer on regular old printer paper.  You don’t need photo quality glossy paper or anything like that.  Just plain old, plain old.


Lay your circle out on top of your photo and trace it.


Then cut out the circle…


Pull out your Mod Podge and cover your working area to protect it from getting all sticky.  Using a small paint brush, cover your wooden circle with a coat of Mod Podge.


After you’ve completely covered your wooden circle with Mod Podge, apply your photo that you’ve already cut to fit the wooden circle.


Make sure its situated the way you like it, preferably centered on the circle, lol!  Then paint another coat of Mod Podge right on top of your photo.  It will look cloudy as you apply it, but it will dry completely clear.



Let that dry while you work on a few more ornaments!  Once it drys, you may want to put on another coat of Mod Podge.  You check it out and do whatever you think looks best.




Now that all my Mod Podge has completely dried, I’m going to drill a small hole in the top of each circle.  I’m using natural twine, so I only need a small hole.  But if you’re using ribbon or something larger, just drill a hole to accommodate the size of whatever you decide to use.




See how the paper around the hole is a little torn and messy looking?  That may not bother you, but it makes me crazy!  I can’t stand for things to look messy, so I like to roll up a piece of sandpaper really small and slide it through the hole to finish the edges off nicely.



Once you finish cleaning up your holes, cut your twine or ribbon, or whatever you decide to use, and tie the ends together with a knot.



Slide the bent end of the twine through the hole, then slip the knotted end through the loop and pull it tight.




All done!!



I hope y’all found that project to be fun and easy!  As always, thank y’all so much for stopping by!  Don’t forget that you can also find us on Facebook @HumbleHomeDesign, on Instagram @humble.home and on Pinterest as HumbleHome. Check out our Etsy shop called HumbleHomeDesign!


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