DIY Extra Long, Gathered Bed Skirt…

Happy thanksgiving everyone! I hope your day was as relaxing as mine. My husband and I got to sleep in, enjoy coffee in bed, and take a nice long walk.  Then I cooked dinner while he watched football, and after we ate, I took a few minutes to finish up this bed skirt. It has been a really great day!

Okay… let’s get down to business! To make this bed skirt, you will need an extra long set of curtain panels and a full size, flat bed sheet.  You will also need basic sewing supplies, like a sewing machine, scissors, pins, measuring tape, etc…  This is really easy to make, so I’ll do my best not to over complicate things. I have always made my bed skirts out of curtain panels. You can pick up a cheap set at home goods for about $20! Find the longest set you can find. I try to find 105 inch if they are available. But I usually end up with 95 inch because they are easier to find. It makes the job quicker and easier because they already have a nice hem, so you will have a head start!

Begin by folding the panel down the middle lengthwise…

Cut the panel in half lengthwise, down the center fold to create two equal long halves.

Do this to both panels so that you have four long skinny pieces of fabric. (I know there are only two in the picture below. I couldn’t fit all four in the picture.)

If you are using grommet top panels, like me, you will need to cut the top off.

Now each of your strips of fabric will have two raw edges. Use your iron to press a hem into the raw edges of your fabric. You will need to hem the raw edges.

Fold once, then iron…

Then fold it once more, and iron. You want a nice neat hem with no raw edges showing.

Next set your sewing machine on the loosest stitch setting (we will be gathering this seam). Now run each edge through your sewing machine so all four edges of all four of your pieces of fabric are hemmed.

Okay… here’s where this gets a little bit tricky… you have four pieces of fabric right now. You need three because your bed has two sides, and one end that need to be skirted. The sides are longer than the end. Follow me so far? One of the pieces of hemmed fabric you have completed right now will be for the END of your bed. Set that piece aside and keep following along.

Now you have three more pieces of fabric you are focusing on right now. Cut one of those three pieces in half the short way. Now you should have to shorter pieces of fabric and two longer pieces of fabric. You will sew one of these shorter pieces of fabric to the end of each longer piece of fabric. They need to be longer because the sides of the bed are longer than the end of the bed. Get it?? When you’re finished sewing the two shorter pieces to the end of the two longer pieces, you should have a grand total of two long pieces of fabric and one shorter piece of fabric (the piece that you set aside). The two long pieces are for the two sides of the bed, and the one shorter piece that you set aside earlier is for the end. I’m sorry I don’t have pix of this part. I forgot to take them while I was sewing. 😩

Now that you have finished making your strips of fabric, we can proceed…

Sew one more hem on the long side of each piece of fabric right next to the hem you already sewed (about a quarter of an inch away).  do not cross these two hems because if you do, you will  not be able to gather your fabric.

Hold the back thread firmly, then gently slide the fabric down the thread. This is how you “gather”. If you’re struggling with this step, please you tube “how to gather fabric”. It’s too much to explain in this post.

Do this to all three of your pieces of fabric. Once you finish gathering all three of you pieces of fabric, set the pieces aside.  Next, we’ll cut your flat sheet to size and hem that, so you can attach your strips of gathered fabric to the sheet. Then you’ll be finished.

Measure your bed, then measure and mark your sheet to match your bed size. Cut along your markings. Remember… measure twice, cut once. It’s important that it fit correctly, or you’ve just wasted a whole lot of your precious time!

My bed is queen size, so I measured 55 by 75 inches.

Once you’ve measured, marked, and cut… we hem. Repeat the process you just did to hem your other strips of fabric. Fold, iron, then sew.

Now lay your sheet out, then pin your shortest piece of gathered fabric to the short edge of your sheet. You want the wrong side of the sheet facing up, then the wrong side of your gathered fabric facing up, so the when you turn everything over. The sheet is on top of the gathered fabric, and everything is right side out. Please see the pictures below.

Now run this edge through your sewing machine.

Repeat this with the other two sides. When you finish, it should look like this…

And here it is all made up!

As always, thank you so much for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help. Hope y’all had a happy thanksgiving and are looking forward to a very merry Christmas!!  You can also find us on Facebook @HumbleHomeDesign, on Instagram @humble.home and on Pinterest as HumbleHome. Check out our new Etsy shop called HumbleHomeDesign!


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