DIY Rustic Holiday Decor!

Merry Christmas, Humble Home friends!  I thought, since we’re all in the holiday spirit, we should make ourselves a little rustic holiday decor.  I’m actually making this one as a gift for my neighbor, Donna.  I talk about her all the time, so y’all are probably starting to feel like you know her!  Haha!  I hope y’all (especially Donna, since its for her!) love this Joyful Christmas Star as much as I do!

You will need:

  • A pallet with 5 usable boards
  • A sawzall to break down the pallet
  • Paint (I used red, but you use whatever you like.)
  • A sander (I used a dewalt orbital sander. A block works just fine though.)
  • A drill & about 5-10 screws
  • Letters (You can find them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  I used a little wreath for the O, but you can just use the normal letter if you like that better.)
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1

Dismantle your pallet. Use your sawzall (This is the one I use. By far my favorite tool I own!) to cut through the nails.  It is way easier than taking it apart with a hammer or crowbar.  Your boards should be similar length and width.

Step 2

Clean and paint the front surface of your boards.

Step 3

After your paint dries, sand your boards until you reach your desired look. It’s easiest to use an electric sander, but sandpaper or a sanding block will work just fine. The more you sand, the more the more the natural wood color will show through.

Step 4

Lay your boards out in the shape of a star. Lay them out just like you were taught to draw a star when you were little.

Step 5

Use you drill and screws to screw the boards together at each tip. That will take 5 screws. You may need to use a couple more here and there if you notice areas where the boards are lifting or separating.  I needed two extra screws. You may or may not need any.

Step 6

Lay your letters out on your completed star. Once you’ve decided where you want your letters, simply glue them in place. Use lots of glue!

That’s it!  You’re all finished!  Now you have an awesome new Christmas decoration that you can enjoy for years to come!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  You can also find me on Instagram @Humble.Home and on Pinterest as Humble Home.  Check out my new Etsy Shop called Humble Home Design!


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