Quick, Cheap & Easy Table Lamps!

  • Large metal lamps: $7.99
  • Silk lamp shades: $2.99
  • Can of spray paint: $5.99
  • TOTAL COST: $27.95

Just in case you missed that, I ended up with set of large, heavy metal table lamps with silk shades for a grand total of less than $30!!

Now I’ll admit that these lamps are not necessarily my style, but paying $200 for a set of lamps that I really like to go in a spare bedroom that I never set foot inside isn’t exactly my style either!

I searched high and low (even as low as Walmart) and the cheapest lamps I could find were cheap looking 17 inch plastic stacked ball lamps from Walmart for about $15 a piece. But they come without shades.  The cheapest shades I could find were from target and they were about $19 each. Both were ugly, and they were still going to cost me $70 for the set! Not a chance!  Time to get creative!  Which usually calls for a trip to Goodwill, then to a hardware store 😁

I went to Goodwill and picked up the ONLY set of matching lamps they had in the store.  These beauties right here… (Please do sense the sarcasm 😒)

I also picked up a pretty decent set of matching shades. They were a little dingy, but once I got them all cleaned up, I was actually pretty impressed with them. They’re dupioni silk! They would probably cost about $60 or $70 each retail. Quite a find, in my opinion!

Then I scooted over to Lowes to grab a can of coppery colored spray paint. The hardware on the bedroom furniture in that room happens to be a coppery color, so I kinda had to stick with that.  I chose “Antique Brass Metallic” by Rust-oleum.

The process is quick and easy. Make sure you clean the lamps really well, then tape off any parts you don’t want painted.  I taped off the cord, socket, and the lower part of the harp.

I set them on top of upside down flower pots to keep them up off the lawn while I painted them.  If you don’t already have one, go get one of these triggers!  It makes spray painting so much easier!

Shake up your can and start painting. Apply lots of light coats so your paint doesn’t run.

Let them dry, then put on your shades. That’s it!  Quick, Cheap, and Easy!!

And here they are in my guest bedroom. I feel like this was $30 well spent!

Stay tuned for this week’s “Wish List Wednesday”!  I hope y’all plan to show us what’s on YOUR wish list. Maybe we can help you make some of your wishes come true! 😉

As always, thank you all so much for reading!!

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