Wish List Wednesday!

Happy Hump-day!  Hope everyone’s having an awesome week so far!  I want to try something new.  I’m going to call this “Wish List Wednesday”!  We would love it if y’all would post some pictures of projects you’d like us to try, or things that you think are beautiful (maybe some inspiration rooms or awesome landscape ideas, beautiful porches or super fun fall decorations).  Just some stuff that might be on your wish list.

We love seeing what y’all are into, and hopefully you can give us some great ideas and good direction as to where you’d like to see us go with this blog.  We love projects and what we hope to do is show our readers just how possible some of these seemingly impossible projects can be.

You show us what’s on your wish list, no matter how big or small, and we’ll break it down and show you how to make it happen!

I’ll start with some things I’ve been dreaming about, but just haven’t had the gusto to tackle. Hopefully soon I’ll work up the nerve to move some of these projects off my wishlist and into my real-life!

We have a ton of storm water runoff that sloshes right through the middle of our backyard and turns our lawn into a huge muddy mess!  I would love to turn that mess into a relaxing little creek bed filled with river rock and lined with all sorts of cool plants!

Here’s another adorable project on my long, long list…

We have had an old bike sitting out back for almost two years that we keep saying we’re going to make a planter out of… right now we’re just watching it rust. Hopefully we’ll get around to this project sooner than later!

Last one…

I know I’m dreaming real big here!!  But someday it will happen!!  Oh sweet someday, that wonderful day when I win the lottery!!

Now it’s your turn!!  Let’s see what you’ve been dreaming of!  Maybe we can help you bring that dream to life!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!!


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