Craft Room Makeover Attempt!

Okay!  We’re gonna switch gears here for a second and try a “Room Makeover” post instead of a DIY post just to see how y’all like it. Annnnd partially because we are feeling a little bit of Hurricane Matthew’s effects, so I can’t really go play outside.  I’m sure many of you were hoping our next post would be about the farm tables. No worries, we will post that one in the next few days, I promise!

So… here’s what we’re working with, folks!!  Don’t judge me!!

Now, I’m gonna need you to keep this secret mess room between you and me because I have a super neat and tidy reputation to uphold!  😉🤐

I want this room to become my craft room with an office area. I like to sew and paint and do vinyl cutting projects, etc… so it would be great to have a space where I can leave all the necessary equipment neatly accessible. Many times, I give up on a project before I even start simply because I don’t want to have to drag all the crap out of the closet (or attic, or garage, or wherever else I may have shoved it somewhere along the way).  Anyway, I hope this new room will solve that problem!

First step… clean out this messy, storage unit of a room!

It never ceases to amaze me how a mess that was once so neatly confined to one secret room, quickly becomes a giant mess all over the entire house!  But at least my new craft room is clean!  Lol!

These pieces of furniture will likely remain in this room, so I just moved them to the center to give me space to paint the walls.

Speaking of painting…  So here’s the thing. I spent a fortune on these stupid teal chairs (In case you were wondering, they are called the “Chloe” chair from World Market), which I love, but they currently don’t match anything in my house.  I can’t sell them because no one in their right mind is going to pay $800 for someone’s old, used chairs… so now I need to figure out how to use them!  Sooo… that brings me to my painful paint selection!  I like to use Glidden Duo from Home Depot.  It is much cheaper than most other brands at only $22 per gallon.  It is effective and affordable.  The darker teal on the top is called “Cape Storm”, and the lower one is called “Fall’s River”.

I know, I know!  They are so dark!  But I feel like I have to go for it!  Right???  I mean, it’s just paint. I can always paint over it if I hate it. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I chose the lighter shade on the bottom, “Fall’s River”. My husband said to me earlier, “So you’re telling me that you’re gonna paint a whole room teal just because of those chairs?”  I said, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing.”  Haha 😂!

So here you have it, the room is painted!

Now I just have to figure out what furniture is staying and what’s going… and the best part… what to shop for!  The silver mirrored chests are from the Hayworth collection, by Pier 1 Imports.

I would love to be able to finish this story with you today, but unfortunately I am at an impasse because I am refinishing my craft table as we speak, and I can’t go any further until it’s finished!  Bummer!

But pleased stay tuned for part two of my craft room makeover!  In the meantime, y’all can look forward to Stephen’s 3rd Man Crush Monday post all about Farm Tables!!


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