It’s Feedback Time & I Need Your Help!

feedbackQuestion Number One…

As you have probably already noticed, my helpful (and very tech savvy, thank goodness!!) husband has been playing around with the format of my blog. I wanted to take a moment to see what y’all think. Do you like it better as one long string of articles that you have to scroll through, or do you like the titles with pictures that you have to click on to open the blog entry? I want to present things in a way that is easy to follow and fun to use! Any ideas or feedback would be much appreciated!

Question Number Two…

What do you want to see next?!?! So far we have done several DIY projects for the home. Do we want more of the same, or should we switch it up a bit??? We can feature a renovation project. I updated my entire kitchen last year for less than $400!!  I’d love to share that with y’all!  We can explore some decorating and room makeover ideas. We moved into a new house about a year ago, so y’all know I have plenty of rooms we can decorate!!  We can work on some organization solutions.  With the kids back in school and seasons changing, it may be a good time for a few organizations tips.  And I have been looking for any excuse to reorganize my laundry room and my pantry!!  Shoot me a quick message or leave me a comment to let me know what interests you!

And last but not least, be on the lookout for my Man Crush’s debut blog this coming Monday!!  He is going to rock your world with his mad carpentry skills!  You won’t want to miss it!



9 thoughts on “It’s Feedback Time & I Need Your Help!

  1. What a great blog!! I love organization tips! And I have a bathroom that needs a major face lift so I will be watching for ideas. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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  2. I prefer the format with an image and short text so you don’t have to scroll as much. Decorating tips are great! I want to know how to do shiplap. I think videos help too! Great blog.

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  3. I like the idea of whichever format is more mobile friendly since I never use a real computer anymore. I’d love to see some of your makeover ideas, I didn’t realize how Savvy you and the hubby are doing makeovers on a budget!

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  4. Good afternoon, Ladies! Wow, thank you all so much for all your great feedback!! Your ideas and your timing couldn’t be more perfect!!

    Jamie, I am actually headed out to CA this Wednesday to help my sister create a ship-lap wall for her new LuLaRoe room!
    (Check out her LuLaRoe page here… )
    I will take tons of pix and post a step by step instructions later this week!! Thanks again for the great idea!! Stay tuned!!

    Kristie, my husband is going to be so thankful for you! I started updating his bathroom (no, we do not share a bathroom! Boys are gross! LOL!) about, oh I dunno, maybe 8 months ago and never got around to finishing it! Unfinished projects is kinda my style! Haha! Lets finish that up as soon as I return from CA. My husband will be so happy to come home and find that his bathroom no longer looks like an abandoned construction site!

    I am so glad to hear that everyone seems to like the new blog format! Please don’t hesitate to share any ideas you may have about making the blog easier to navigate or more fun to read! Like I said, I am project girl, not a tech girl! So I can use all the help I can get!

    Hope yall enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!!


  5. I like titles with pictures you can click on quickly! Organization for a smaller laundry room would be great. Actually any organization ideas… I’m terrible at organizing!

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