Rustic Dining Room Table (Under $50!!!)


Happy Friday everybody!!  Hope y’all have some super fun and exciting plans for your holiday weekend!  And if you don’t already have plans, maybe you will after you see how cheap and easy it is to make this super cool dining room table.  Oh, and did I mention CHEAP???  Yeah, it was super cheap!!!  The whole thing, every last piece, came to a grand total of about $50!  And that’s only because I chose to buy pre-made legs from Home Depot for about $10 each.  If you choose to use 2×4’s or 2×2’s or whatever you think looks good, then let’s adjust that total down to about $10!  Basic 2×4’s are cheap folks, and pallets are free!  So go find you some, and let’s get to work!

P.S. You can usually find pallets behind your local hardware store, or plant nursery, or paint store.  Just be sure you ask before you run off with them because some stores reuse them and I’d hate for you to go to jail for stealing pallets!

This is another case where I built this table about a year ago and had no idea at that time that I’d be writing a DIY blog… So again, I don’t have step by step pix.  I will get better at this as I post about current projects, I promise!  In the meantime, I did my best to roll around under the table on my dining room floor trying to take pictures of the under-side so that I could show you the frame… And I searched google images for hours to find pictures where someone else had utilized my same basic process so I could show you the general idea.  I hope this explains the process clearly enough, but if not, I am only a comment or an email away, and I love hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to send questions my way!!

Without further ado, here’s the best place to start… Build your frame.


Super simple folks!  This is just five 2×4’s cut to whatever dimensions you desire.  No need to cut any fancy 45 degree angles, just normal straight cuts, then screw them together.  I put two screws in each corner and two screws at each end of the center support, but you do whatever feels secure to you.  The beam down the middle provides support for the middle of the table and keeps the surface consistent since old pallet boards are sometimes warped or brittle.

After that, I used my sawzall to take apart about 5 pallets.  (If needed, please reference “Homemade Rustic Mantel” my August 27th post to see what a sawzall is and how to use it to dismantle a pallet.)  You definitely do not NEED 5 pallets! I was being very picky about the size, shape and patina of the boards I used, that’s why I needed so many pallets.  In reality, two pallets should contain more than enough boards to complete your table top.  Once you have your boards removed and ready, lay them out on your frame so you can see how they look.  You may want to move them around to find the right fit.  I left mine staggered on the sides cause I like that unfinished look.  If you’re a little more particular about organization, you may not like that at all!  Once you’ve decided where you want them, just use a drill and wood screws to attach the pallet boards to the top of your frame.  I used two screws in each end and two screws down the middle support beam for each pallet board.


The nail heads you see in this picture are the old nail heads from the pallet.  I like to leave them in the wood because I think they add character, annnnnd because removing them would probably take me a week!  No thanks!  Once I had all my pallet boards attached to my frame, I sanded the heck out of them with my Dewalt orbital sander.  Best sander ever!  You can see it sitting back there in the corner of the picture.  You will never get the pallet boards perfectly smooth, but you can definitely get them to where you wont have to worry about getting splinters while you’re eating dinner.


Now let’s attach the legs.  Flip your table upside-down.  If you did this correctly, you should be looking the frame.  You are going to attach your legs into the inside of each corner.  I decided to buy pre-made legs from Lowes.  You can use left over 2×4’s, you can use 2×2’s… whatever you think looks cool.  There are literally hundreds of legs to choose from!  Home Depot and Lowes carry lots of different styles, or you can find and order them online, whatever… I didn’t want fancy legs because they didn’t match my style.  But as long as they are all the same length, get creative and do your thing!  Now, there are all kinds of complicated ways to attach legs to a table, but I like to keep things simple…


I just pushed the leg into the very corner of the frame, then drilled right through the outside of the 2×4 frame into the leg.  Again, I used two screws into each side.  Here’s a picture of the outside…


The reason you wont see the screws here is because this is a picture of the finished product, meaning I have already caulked and painted over the screw holes.  Here’s a little different angle…


As far as building the table is concerned, that’s it!  Flip it back over, and if you did everything correctly, you should be looking at your brand new dining room table!  Obviously, I chose to paint my frame grey, but you can personalize yours however you want.  I also sealed the table top with finishing wax.  You can find this almost anywhere… Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart.  Here’s what it looks like.  If I remember correctly, it cost about $9…


You just use an old rag to rub it on, just like you would if you were waxing your car.  Its great stuff!  I was worried about a applying a finish or a sealer because I didn’t want the table to look shiny, but this looks completely natural!  Here’s what the finish looks like after its been applied…


I hope this wasnt too hard to follow, and I’m sorry I don’t have some better step-by-step pictures of this project for you.  Like I said before, I will be sure to take step by step pix on all my current and future projects!  And in the meantime, please just shoot me a message if you get hung up on anything and I will walk you through it!  Thanks again for visiting Humble Home!





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